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Photo Essay: Fence Top Screen Installation

INTRODUCTION: Welcome to post #13 in my Tucson Home Renovation series! This post features the return of one of my favorite contractors, this time for the installation of a fence top screen.

In May 2017, I hired Affordable Fence & Gates for the first time. Their mission: To replace my falling down (and termite-infested) wooden fence with a metal fence. They completed the entire job in just two days, and I was very happy with their work. Two years later, I still am.

Since the 2017 fence replacement project, I’ve had Affordable back to add to the initial fencing, replace a wooden gate with a metal one, and install a trellis that they custom-built in their shop.

Then there was that section of fencing along the eastern edge of the front yard. Unlike the back yard fencing, which is six feet high, that section is only four feet. And let’s just say that my view to the east leaves a lot to be desired. I didn’t want to block it out, but I did want to soften that view.

Affordable offered an attractive solution: A two-feet expanded metal fence top screen. After the shop completed the fabrication, a two-man crew installed it on the fence top. Total installation time: Less than two hours.

Now that the fence top screen project is finished, I’m enjoying the enhanced privacy in my front yard. It’s one of my favorite places for photography, and that will be the subject of future posts.

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